Monday, August 17, 2015

Big Woops!

Saturday night.

The Girl's View:
A young teen-age girl is home by herself as her mother makes a quick trip to pick up her older sister. She is lifting weights in her bedroom.  She hears someone open the front door. She hears an unfamiliar man's voice call out.  She is momentarily frozen with fear.  She hears the man noisily walking through the house. Gripping her 12 pound weight in one hand she quickly calls her mother with the other. Whispering frantically into the phone she says, "there's someone in the house!" Just then she hears her parent's bedroom door open and shut.  Her bedroom is next. Then she hears her own bedroom doorknob rattle and the man say, "hello, hello hello".  She suddenly realizes that she knows the voice.  "It's Mr. Mitchell!", she whispers to her mother.

Mr. Mitchell's View:
Just arriving back from a quick camping trip he finds the house empty.  He remembers that Linda is babysitting for Lisa and decides to go over.  Driving up Maple street he pulls into the familiar looking house and gives Linda quick call on the phone to make sure she's there and then  heads inside.  As he enters the house he notices that Lisa and Tyler must have gone shopping as there were a lot of new items of furniture and decorations around.  He takes a quick look around and not seeing Linda anywhere thinks maybe she is upstairs with the babies.  Checking Lisa and Tyler's room first (as that is where he understood Hunter to be sleeping) he still doesn't find anyone. He then goes to check Isaac's room, but finding it locked he heads back downstairs.  He was standing in the living room when the mother walks through the front door.  The police are right behind her.

Linda's View:
With both babies asleep for the night, she pulls up a video on Netflix and sits in the kitchen watching it and crocheting.  Mike calls her on the phone. 
"Where are you?" he asks.
"I'm at Lisa's babysitting."
"What did you do with the car?"
"What? It's outside.  I'm here babysitting at Lisa's. Where are you?"

"I'm right outside."
"Well, Come on in!"

She looked at the front door for a minute to greet Mike when he walked in, but when he failed to show up she shrugged and went back to her movie.

Explanatory Notes:
The young girl had Mr. Mitchell as a teacher a year or two before.
Lisa and Tyler's house is an exact copy of the house 3 doors down from them, the house Mr. Mitchell actually entered.
Lisa and Linda both have had a lot of giggles over this incident.
Mr. Mitchell is not amused.