Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Proverbial Straw

It's been one of those years.  Everything just keeps happening and I find myself thinking I can't do anything more.  One more of any additional "thing" would break me. Or make me want to break something.

It started in July. I was just sailing along, enjoying life and whammy.
  • A job offer that I wasn't seeking, but accepted, which turned out to be a good thing, but still a change and new stuff to learn.
  • Health concerns that STILL haven't been explained.  I done with it.  I don't need another expensive test to have to pay for just so I can see "that look" in the doctor's face. You know the one, the "I think you're a hypochondriac" one.
In September I started another class.  Always another class.  Go to work, go to class, go home and do homework, go to bed, go to work, go to........... Well, you get the picture.

October - The birth of LEDGER!!!! My new little buddy. He's definitely a highlight.  Mmmmmmm, I just love me some baby time.

November was one of those months that came in like a lamb and went out like a lion, and I'm not talking about the weather.  The beginning of the month was pretty nice.  I think I was handling things okay, and then Thanksgiving hit. That weekend was like the beginning of the big slide for me. Emily's pregnancy problems started to surface, first with her breathing issues and then the Rh problems. Into  December was when my nephew and his wife lost their premature twin girls.  Because of their similar history, as far as fertility goes, to my own daughter Lisa, this event hit me particularly hard. I still shed tears over it from time to time.  I just could not get myself motivated enough to decorate anything for Christmas. I didn't even put up a tree until 3 days before, and only because Joni had a pre-lit fake one in her house that Mike hauled home and stuck in the living room.  I didn't even decorate that!

And now it's January and so cold! And I'm in yet another class.  This class may be the straw.  You know the one.  The one that broke the down-troddened woman's back.

This class is online.  I thought it would be a great fit for me as I wouldn't have to go to class after work.  Just do the homework.  HA.  and DOUBLE HA!!!
My first clue came from the afternoon mail guy here in my office.  He told me about a very time-consuming class he was just trying to finish. He said there was so much daily reading  he had a hard time keeping up.  And it was the same class I'd just signed up for.

I thought he must be exaggerating, and even if he wasn't, it wouldn't be as bad for me, cause I didn't have any other classes to keep up on.

I am now in said class.  I haven't even had time to read ANY of the chapters in the book. I did my first quiz and got an "F", I read the philosophical paper, posted to the discussion board 4 times, studied the vocabulary and went through the powerpoint and have scoured the to-do list for class multiple times.  Last night at 9:00 I thought I was finally starting to catch up and then I noticed 2 little links.  We were instructed to view those items.  Okay, I'm thinking they are a clip of something or other.  noooOOOOOOOOO!!!!!They were recordings of full-blown class lectures, each 1 hour long. I watched one of them before going to bed. Just before I turned off my computer I noticed that I still needed to review a tutorial on APA style and review a presentation, review the study guide on Greek philosophers, select and submit a provisional paper topic, and take another quiz, which I will probably again flunk.

I'm breaking..........