Monday, December 15, 2014

The true story of MY Kitten Smoky

Going through old papers today and found this very large handwritten book (words and illustrations) by my daughter, Abby. I'm guessing she was about 6 or 7 when she wrote this. I wanted to share this very touching story.  (Spelling and grammar left intact) The thing that really got me about this cute little peak into her childhood was not just the adorable way it was written, but by how heartless her parents seemed to be about the disposal of the body. I really don't remember it that way.  I thought we buried poor little Smoky. And the title seems to imply that there were some falsehoods floating around.

The true story of MY Kitten Smoky   by Abby Mitchell

It was a windy night and Smoky was by Some big bords? Then a bord fell on smokys tail.

I herd a big crash!  I ran outside.  I looked at smoky.  I took the bord off his tail.  I tride to wake him up but he wouldn't get up.

I ran inside and tolled David, Lisa, Joni and Andy what happened.  they tride to wake Smoky up but they couldn't.

My mom and dad were not home so we didn't know what to do.

We thought what to do about smoky.

When my mom and dad got home we told them them what happened.

My Mom and dad know what to do about Smoky ether! So we trew him away.  I miss smoky!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Soaking It All In

On Saturday morning we were honored and excited to attend the piano recital of Emily’s students.  It was great fun to see the kids that Emily has been teaching.  She has a lot of students!  I have to say, though, that the highlight for me was watching Nathan and Zach.  They each played a couple of pieces, actually Nathan played 3 of them. 
Zach was the first pianist on the program, right behind the one lone flute player.  He’s pretty much a newbie at the piano, but did pretty good!  After his cute little rendition of Alouette Zach stood….
faced his crowd…..
And looked from right to left as his appreciative audience rewarded him with their thunderous applause.
…..and then he solemnly bowed. 
It was very cute.